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Soybean International


A marketing, sourcing and international trade specialist. 

We help buyers find the best products at the best price.


We help to ensure global access to soybeans and agri commodities across the world.

About us

Soybean International is a grain marketing agency and a commodity trading firm based in Canada and pecializes in the sourcing and delivery of soybeans, non-GMO grains, organic grains and other products in the Food industry and the Animal feed Industry worldwide. 

Through our large network of partners, producers and suppliers in Canada, United States, India, Brazil and Argentina we have access to quality food-grade soybeans, IP soybeans, non-GMO & organic soybeans, feed grains, soybean meal and other agricultural commodities to satisfy all customers needs and at competitive prices.

We are proud of the excellent service we provide and our ability to develop new business opportunities and source the best products and grains from different exporting countries. Our soybeans are mainly sourced in America for shipment to Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan), Europe and other markets worldwide. The commodities are shipped bagged or in bulk in containers of 20' or 40'.

Sourced directly from the producers and delivered to any destination in the world !

At Soybean International, we specialize in facilitating connections between buyers and suppliers of soybeans and agricultural commodities worldwide. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and a global network, we streamline transactions, ensure quality standards, and optimize logistics to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. Our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing enhances market access and fosters long-term partnerships across the agricultural supply chain.

Our Expertise
We use our sourcing expertise and our extensive international network to connect producers and suppliers with end-users and buyers of soybeans and other agricultural commodities. At Soybean International, we can manage trade deals but we also work in collaboration with our suppliers and in order to offer the best price and services to the customers.  

Quality Products, Stable Supply and Consistent Quality
Our suppliers and partners are helping us maximise the quality and consistency of the soybeans and other agricultural commodities that we source for global buyers. We are always interested in trading and developing long term partnerships in Asia, Europe and in emerging markets (India, Vietnam, etc).

Logistic & Transportation
Through our long term partners, we can provide a full service logistics which allows to ship soybeans anywhere in the world. We can also provide quotes on FOB basis (North America). All products are shipped by ocean containers of 20 ft or 40 ft  and we can supply small or large quantities (Bulk or Bags). We sometimes have access to bulk cargoes and for delivery to China or Singapore.

Our Products
We sell Food Grade Soybeans, Non-GMO Soybeans, Organic & Identity Preserved P Soybeans, Soybean meal and Feed Grains to suit all the buyer's needs. Our selection of food grade soybean varieties can fit most needs for Tofu, Miso, Soymilk as well as Natto Products. Our team can also select the varieties that would be best suited for the specific request of the buyers in the food and feed industry.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote. We'll find what you are looking for at the best possible price.

Our mission is to help feed the world.

As a trading and marketing firm, we specialize in sourcing soybeans and other agricultural commodities where they are produced and help to arrange the distribution where they are most needed across the world. Our group plays a crucial role in global supply chains and market efficiency. 

  1. Sourcing and Procurement: We identify and procure soybeans and other agri commodities directly from their points of production. This involves establishing relationships with manufacturers, growers, producers, and suppliers to ensure a stable and reliable supply.

  2. International Business Development: We play a pivotal role in International Business development by opening new markets for our partners and clients, creating business opportunities, and fostering economic growth worldwide. We focus on expanding market reach across borders, forging strategic alliances, and navigating regulatory landscapes to facilitate soybeans & agri commodities global trade opportunities.

  3. Logistics and Distribution: After procuring goods, we arrange through our partners & collaborators the logistics of transporting these products to areas of high demand or need. This can involve coordinating shipping, storage, and distribution networks to ensure timely delivery.

  4. Market Analysis and Demand Forecasting: A key aspect of our team's role is to analyze market trends and forecast demand accurately. This allows us to anticipate where products will be needed most and adjust their sourcing and distribution strategies accordingly.

  5. Risk Management: We mitigate risks associated with global trade such as currency fluctuations, political instability, or supply chain disruptions. This may involve diversifying sourcing locations or having contingency plans in place.

  6. Quality Control and Compliance: Ensuring the quality and compliance of products is essential. The firm may implement quality control measures at various stages of the supply chain to maintain product integrity and meet regulatory standards.

  7. Market Development and Customer Relations: We work on expanding markets for the products we market and trade by identifying new opportunities and building relationships with customers and distributors. This could involve marketing campaigns, participation in trade fairs, or developing partnerships.

  8. Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability: Our group also focuses on ethical sourcing practices and sustainability. We engage in fair trade practices, support sustainable agriculture or production methods, and adhere to environmental standards.

  9. Contribution to Economic Growth: By efficiently connecting producers with consumers, the firm contributes to economic growth both locally and globally. This includes supporting the livelihoods of producers and meeting the needs of consumers effectively.


Overall, our trading and marketing activities and our specialization in sourcing products where they are produced and moving them where they are most needed act as a vital link in the global economy, facilitating trade, enhancing efficiency, and meeting diverse consumer demands worldwide.


Soybean International

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Soybean International is incorporated in the CaymanIslands.